Welcome to Stiletto Wedding Films.

Why is SWF different from the rest? We pride ourselves on the story. The true meaning of why your even looking at our website. Not about eye candy films that look more like you just paid for a realtors video shoot. You know the ones that all have the ariel shots. Lots of eye candy but no story. It's more of an ego boost to the videographer. At your expense.

Stiletto Wedding Films is about story. Your story. Oh we do have eye candy. But our eye candy is YOU. Not an effect. Not the latest trend that will be boring to watch years from now. Just a good solid story of why you are here. To be married surrounded by family and friends. To be remembered over and over. This, is why you are here today. That is what we offer you.

 I hope our passion for story telling and the voices of the day fill your thoughts on how your very own story can be told for generations to come. It would be an honor to be apart of your special day.

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